Thursday, 31 March 2016

The Pink City beyond Pink

A mere mention of Jaipur brings 'The Pink City' tag to our mind.
Because the famous Hawa Mahal, Johari Bazar and large parts of walled city have all been painted in pink. But the same Johari Bazar is a riot of colour as this short picture story tells you. Colours other than pink- be it the bangles or the dresses being sold. Or, even the water kiosk in summer, Jaipur is ever colourful.

Ghumakkad's pictures for you.

Of course Hawa Mahal हवा महल and the buildings around are all painted pink and that is why the name Pink City.

If you haven't bought bangles in Johari Bazar, you haven't been to Jaipur! 

The world is indeed flat! Look at the bangle salesman donning a tee-shirt with a Californian logo and selling Jaipuri bangles!

Jaipur is famous for block printing-- dyeing of the cloth by hand and printing also by hand. Choice of colours-- unlimited!

Even the water kiosk run by a charity is painted brightly-- reflecting the spirit of Jaipur city!

Nature too does not lag behind in adding colours to the city.

Ghumakkad's earlier post on 'Changing Face of Jaipur' had portrayed the emergence of new icons of Jaipur. Two of these are reproduced below. The first one being a famous Jewelery outlet.
 And the next one--the World Trade Park!
Jaipur offers tremendous photo-ops. But this visit of Ghumakkad was primarily a family reunion. Hence a short picture story. Many of you must have been there. Feel free to share your pictures.

Bye till the next post.
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    - Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ Jaipur 31st March 2016

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