Saturday, 9 May 2015

Ghumakkad crosses 25000 mark

Ghumakkad is Three

Am delighted to share that your buddy Ghumakkad’s blog is going to be three-years old!

It was 25th May 2012 when this blog was created primarily to share pictures taken while travelling. We had just returned from Bhutan and the first story titled ‘Exploring Bhutan Part-1: The Team’ was posted in this blog (Link: Bhutan Part-1). It has so far been read by 120 people. Initially the blog had a ‘closed’ setting with very limited readership/viewership. Later, we opened it for public viewing/reading in the larger spirit of sharing.

I feel humbled that in these three years, the blog has been read more than 25,000 times. For an on-line forum, this is not a big number. But considering that it is not a commercial venture, it signifies your liking, support and encouragement. In fact, last 5,000 views came in just three months! Special thanks are due to each one of you.

It was only in Feb 2015 when we crossed the 20,000 milestone. The link: Ghumakkad Hits 20,000

Most-read Story
The story on BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus posted on 30th Sept 2014 has been read by 1229 people so far. The only other story to have crossed the 1,000 readers’ mark is also connected with my alma-mater. It was a curtain raiser of our book ‘BITS of Success’ and posted on 18th Dec 2013. An earlier story on BITS Dubai Campus in Jul 2012 has had 450+ viewers so far. Mind you this blog does not promote BITS Pilani or any other institution for that matter!
Just in case you missed browsing these ‘most-read’ posts, you can click the links below.

Talking of institutions, a story of my experiences at IBS Hyderabad as a Prof posted on Teacher’s Day 2012,  has had 440+ views so far. The link:

Another recent story (March 2015) which has been read by 650+ people showcases two real life yoga enthusiasts who came together for life! If you haven’t read the post yet, please click the link below:

How human beings value their memories and friends was proven when a story of a Naval Reunion of buddies after 40 years, received 500+ views. See the link below if you wish to re-live the moment:

The readers of this blog are diverse in terms of age, gender, nationality, occupation, education etc and in turn they have welcomed and supported diversity in the blog posts. See some of the posts which have had more than 350 readers each, in diverse fields such as:

Rescuing an injured Bat (July 2012): Bat story- click here
The ‘Big Five’ Live from Africa (August 2014): Africa Live- Click here 
Lessons from Life
Life is like a Switch (May 2013): Life and switch
Life Begins at Sixty (July 2014): Life@60- Click here
Thrill of a 10K Run (March 2014): 10K Run- click here
Changing Face of Jaipur (April 2014): Pink City is Changing
Khushwant Singh (March 2014): The Pen has Dried

It has been an exciting journey. All this would not have been possible without your continued support and encouragement. Many people have contributed to the growth of Ghumakkad’s blog. But one person who gave her time, ideas and constant encouragement is Mrs Trixie Asirvatham, a media professional from Bangalore. Special thanks Trixie.

As Ben Sweetland said “Success is a journey, not a destination”, Ghumakkad marches on and will continue to share the journey with friends like you.

Thanks for browsing.
   -Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/9th May 2015