Thursday, 5 March 2015

Holi Hai

The Indian festival of Holi होली falls on the day of full moon of 'Phalgun' फाल्गुन month as per the lunar calendar.
It is a festival of colours.
What is remarkable every year, is the flowering of colourful 'Flame of the Forest' (called 'Tesu' टेसू in Hindi). It matches the occurrence of Holi to the dot. Like this morning, on a birding outing, we saw the tree in full bloom! And Holi celebrations start today! What perfect synchronisation by Nature!


टेसू flowers are used for making vegetable dyes. It can be dried and powdered. Alternately, fresh flowers can be soaked in a tub of water. Coured water can then be safely used for sprinkling on each other. No chemicals, no skin irritation.

Here is wishing everyone a very Happy Holi.
May your life be full of happiness. As someone said, " Happiness adds colour to our life"! 
So be happy! Always.

Hurray, Holi hai! होली  है !

Postscript: Many of the readers wrote about their childhood memories of using Tesu टेसू flowers for making colour for Holi. Few also wanted to see a close up of the flower.
This morning I spotted a Tesu टेसू tree in the golf course. It was in full bloom with few flowers which had fallen down. Here is a close up shot of टेसू flower.

I also picked up two flowers which had fallen down. After reaching home, I put the two flowers in a small bowl and filled it up with water. Within no time, we had saffron coloured water ready for Holi! A picture.

So, next Holi, try and get some tesu टेसू flowers. It grows wild in many parts of India. Soak it in water overnight to get natural, organic and safe water colour for Holi.
If you can get the flowers a week earlier, dry them and powder them. Your dry colour will be ready! Simple.

Thanks for browsing and sharing your experiences..

   -      Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ Holi 2015, 5th and 6th March