Sunday, 27 July 2014

Life begins at Sixty

_____________ Life Begins at Sixty- The Team _____________ 

Life begins at sixty-- you have heard this before. Here is another proof. Eight sixty-plus folks decided to go on a wild life holiday. Together.

This is the story of four friends, whose love for outdoor life began as teenagers when we were in school. We came together in college at BITS Pilani. Pilani-- an oasis in Shekhawati desert of Rajasthan, cemented us forever. 

Forty six years after we met at Pilani, we decided to go to a faraway place. Where like Pilani, you could still hear and feel the Nature. Though in our sixties, we did not want to go to usual holiday destinations in Europe, America, Australia or SE Asia.  

Awesome Africa became our calling. Preparations began more than six months in advance. 

Who are these four sixty-plus and still-crazy guys? And their spouses who readily agreed for Africa? Africa-- where they know it is not for shopping! Here is the curtain raiser- read on. The men in blue and the ladies in pink.

The Team




And lastly, Bhargavas

Of course these crazy sixty-plus folks are going to miss their children and grand children on this tour. But probably the tales of the lions, cheetahs, wildebeests, zebras, giraffes, rhinos and the baobab trees will enthrall the grand children on return.

The Itinerary

We decided to do the northern Tanzania circuit because of its reach and varied terrain. After assembling at Dar-e-salaam we decided to fly to Arusha. Thereafter it is going to be eight days of 4x4 drive amidst animals, birds, mountains, gorges, valleys and the famous Ngorongoro crater. Here is a map.

So much for the curtain raiser. 
As the departure date draws closer, the adrenalin is rising. We are already dreaming of Africa. 
Those of you who wish to read more, Lonely Planet's book on Tanzania is an excellent compilation. It is another story that we read the book after our tour was firmed up and paid for! But no regrets-- we had chosen the right itinerary and the right time of the year! By accident and God's grace of course.

Africa beckons everybody, more so if you love Nature and wildlife.
Watch out for the next post: 'Africa beckons You'.

So, are you with us when we say 'life begins at sixty'?

Thanks for browsing.

       - Harsh the Ghumakkad / 27th July 2014