Saturday, 6 April 2013

Ranthambor 3 The Tiger

________________________ The Tiger At Last! _____________________

27th March 2013 proved lucky for Neeta and me. It was festival time. Holi- the festival of colours. But thankfully, we the tourists were spared except a small 'gulal teeka' on the forehead.

We set off early morning for Zone-6 of Ranthambor National Park. The zones are allotted by the forest department after filing of applications with ID proof. The 380 sq km Park is divided into 11 zones numbered 1 to 11. There are three different entry points for Zones 1-5, Zones 6-7 and Zones 8-11. Maximum sightings occur in Zones 1-5. But we were lucky even with Zone-6!

See the pictures and enjoy the King of the Jungle!

Did you feel the excitement? All these pictures of tiger and other animals are from a moving Gypsy. We could get as close as 10 feet from the Tiger. Very thrilling indeed!

Do share your pictures of similar sightings in the wild.

The next part will show other animals in action in the Tiger country! Till then bye.

  Ghumakkad Harsh

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