Thursday, 1 June 2017

Teacher 10 on 10

Teachers expect their students to score 10/10. But are the teachers themselves 10/10? If they are not 'perfect', how can they become 10/10? This was the theme of Ghumakkad's workshop for 200+ teachers of St Mary's Educational Society in Hyderabad on 1st June 2017. Part of an annual two-day orientation program for all teachers, it was a great learning experience. Held at the compact campus of Sancta Maria International School, it caught the eye of Ghumakkad's lens as well.
 The open-air theatre does not guzzle power for ACs.

Ghumakkad as 'teacher's teacher' had many such opportunities in recent past. One criticism against college education is that it is distanced from reality. You can browse a one day workshop titled 'Bringing Realism into Classroom'-- conducted separately for Management and Engineering faculty members. Similarly, how to make 'Classroom a Fun Place' --you can get few practical ideas from Ghumakkad.

Teacher 10/10? 

We all remember our teachers. Or, at least one such teacher who made an impact on our life and how we learnt things. What was one distinguishing quality of such teachers? An on-line query on social media led to 200+ responses in 24 hours. Summary of desired quality/attribute in a teacher who could be called 10/10 follows. We validated these qualities with 200+ teachers present in the workshop. It was a perfect correlation. We thus felt satisfied with our methodology.

We categorised the desired qualities into six groups. Next challenge for us the teachers-- is how to develop each of these qualities? We shared some personal experiences on each of the six attributes/qualities. Am sure teachers will find it useful- both at college as well as senior school levels. More suggestions are welcome.

Summary of points discussed in the workshop are given below.
 Ghumakkad first thanked all his teachers as well as students for all the learnings in his life. Some of the organisations/institutions where Ghumakkad has taught are represented below.
 A live query was made to all the teachers present in the workshop. Their responses are summarised in the slide below.
 Summary of teachers' responses matched perfectly with on-line crowd sourcing done a day earlier! Whether you are a teacher or not, does your response match with the six groups of attributes which every teacher should have?
 Having identified the attribute how to develop it in a teacher? Few practical suggestions from Ghumakkad follow.

Universities and colleges have lofty visions and catchy tag lines. But as a teacher are you able to walk the talk?

To conclude, the diagram below says it all. Teachers must know the difference between teaching and learning. When the two merge magic happens!
As someone said..

We hope it has helped fellow teachers in soul searching. Please do not hesitate in reaching Ghumakkad for further help, if any.

Ghumakkad's session was followed by a very interesting session titled 'What Leaders should NOT do?' Taken by renowned management professional Prof Abhiram Krishna, it charged up the audience. Pictures.

Mr Reddy Chairman of the Society presented a memento to me. It was a framed painting done by a school child. Very thoughtful indeed.

As we say it's a small world. After the session, one of the faculty members came forward to introduce herself. She comes from a Naval family. Delightful meeting Miss Jyotsna.

While I was taking few pictures after my session, Prof Mathew caught me in the act. Picture below courtsey him.
Ghumakkad wishes to thank the organisers for a wonderful workshop and for the opportunity.

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   -   Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ 1st June 2017