Thursday, 24 March 2016

Loving a Leaf

Everyone loves a rose.
Ever admired or loved a leaf? That too a dry leaf?

Ghumakkad had shot many a dry leaf. One picture which left an imprint forms the backdrop for this PQ- picturesque quote. This quote is not from Tagore-- though more from Tagore will follow soon. This one comes from a net-based collection. It echoes my thoughts on dry leaves and their beauty.

A dry leaf symbolises our life or others' lives when they encounter adversity or tougher times. People throng to you when you succeed but very few reach you when you are in distress. Remember the dry leaf. Learn to love it. One day it could be you.

Enjoy the PQ.
Special thanks are due to Hemant Bhargava in Davis California for making this hike to the Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve happen. I loved the trail. Am sharing few other PQs based on pictures taken on the same hike below. Hemant-- keep hiking!

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    -  Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/24th March 2016