Friday, 6 November 2015

Just say No to Crackers

Another Diwali is here.
Festival of Lights. 
But why make it noisy?
Why pollute the atmosphere?
Why traumatise our infants and pets?

We had appealed to all our readers to celebrate a noise-free Diwali in 2015. That appeal is still valid and needed. We reproduce the previous post below.

Diwali दिवाली or दीपावली signifies the victory of good over evil and return of Lord Rama from exile. It is time for celebration. But should a celebration lead to air and noise pollution, litter on the streets and fire accidents? Should it scare and traumatise our infants and pets? How can we prevent it?

Ghumakkad recalls 1997 while he was posted in Delhi, pollution levels during Diwali were so high that one had difficulty in breathing. A campaign was launched through school children to urge their parents not to burst crackers. All schools whether government, municipal, private or public schools-- whole heartedly participated. The result was unbelievable. Delhi remained noiseless and pollution-free that Diwali. The drive continued in the next year. And Diwali was a real celebration! Credit goes to the team that did it and all the children who participated.

Another Diwali is here. We shudder to think of the pollution and noise besides trauma for the infants and the pets. Let us individually try and reduce the pollution by not bursting crackers. Instead let us light up earthen ware 'diyas' दिया  which are eco friendly.

Another suggestion- this Diwali burst your egos instead of crackers. The graphics is courtesy the DNA.

So light up your homes and hearts and say no to crackers! If you have to, do it collectively in an open ground so that the pets and infants are not harmed. Many residential enclaves and apartment complexes do it this way. So, Ghumakkad's humble message to you is "Just say no to firecrackers".

Happy Diwali!

    Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ 6th Nov 2015

PS-1: The trigger for this post came from Peter Woodman, a fellow animal lover. Thanks Peter.

Postscript: 28th Oct 2016: Since the message and the appeal continue to be valid, Ghumakkad thought it best to repost it. First picture has been added today on the eve of Diwali-2016. Happy Diwali to all. Say no to firecrackers please.