Friday, 9 October 2015


Mention of 4G implies telecommunications technology of the ‘4th’ generation.
But we are talking of a different 4G. We also mean the 4th generation. But 4th generation not of technology, but as in a family.

Yes, we mean a family blessed with four generations! There are 
many such families but not as many.

Ghumakkad is part of a family blessed with 4G! See the pictures 

Like the cellular phone technology, we all start with 1G—the first
generation. Just yourself.

Then you grow up and get married.

You move up to 2G when the kids arrive. Some who do not have 
children, remain at 1G.

Twenty five years later, it is time for your children to get married.

And then your wait starts to move up to 3G. And lo you get a grandparent’s status! You have embraced 3G with God’s grace. And again, some are not so lucky. They continue to be at 1G or 2G.

You count your blessings when you step into late-70s of your life. You have been at 3G for 20 years or more!
It is time now for the grand children to find their life partners. You are delighted to bless the grand children on their weddings.

And then the next ‘wait’ starts. When the first great-grand-child 
arrives, you feel truly blessed.

Hurray, you are at 4G now! Fortunate few, who see the 4G of life. 
Unlike the 4G of technology, it can neither be bought nor purchased nor gifted. This 4G is God’s gift and priceless.

Celebrate the 4G of your life!

God bless the real 4Gs!

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     Written on International Elders' Day 8th Oct 2015