Monday, 4 May 2015

A for Alligator

A two-year old's Vocabulary

Here is a sample of Anuva's growing vocabulary. She is our grand daughter who will be two on 13th May 2015.

A for Alligator and not Apple (as most toddlers of her age would learn!)
B for Ball (as for every other child)
C for Caterpillar and not Cat!
D for Doll
E for Elephant and not Egg!
and so on...! 
Amazing isn't it? Probably thanks to a picture book which she has.

She is such a joy to be with. 
Very expressive
and, ever ready to smile!

See the pictures.

Its a pity that we had only two weeks of her company.
Like other toddlers, she makes her own vocabulary which is not difficult to learn. Sample few words here:

Bana is for Banana
Mush-- Moove (when you are coming in her way!)
IKim-- Ice Cream (always ready to gobble!)
Cheeping-- you guessed it right-- Sleeping
Chokit-- Chocolate
My Pio-- My Pillow (is a game she plays to grab her favourite pillow before you can!)
Kia coming-- Insect कीड़ा coming
Pata-- प्रसाद after पूजा 
Paati-- Chapati चपाती (her favourite food)
Binny-- बिंदी (and she regales in removing it from her Dadi's/Mom's forehead and sticking it on her cheek!)
Bikit-- Biscuit
Manak-- नमक meaning salt 
and so on...!

Talking of her power of observation, the other day she foxed her parents in Chennai. While shopping in a mall, suddenly she shouted 'Blue Tooth' 'Blue Tooth' on spotting the magnetic security tag in a dress for sale. You would agree that the tag does look like the blue tooth which her Dad uses! Trust the kids!!

If you have nine seconds to spare, you can see Anuva in action by clicking the video link below:

Anuva-- Nunu as she calls herself-- we miss you. And your ingenuity!
Come again.

Lots of love from Badi Amma बड़ी अम्मा (Great grand mother), Dadi, Dadu and Elfo. We are all waiting for you!

For those of you who are grand parents already, am sure you saw a connect in this story. And for the young parents, you would recall when your child was this age! And lastly those readers, who are yet to taste parenthood, this story would take you back several years while you were a toddler yourself-- with unique vocabulary!

Here is wishing Anuva a Very Happy 2nd Birthday from all of us.

Thanks for browsing and sharing our joy.

    -Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ 4th May 2015