Thursday, 19 March 2015

Why I Love Golfing

Why I love Golfing?

I love Golf not because:
·        Golf gives you exercise—hardly! A 6-km stroll over 4 hours is hardly an exercise.
·        Golf keeps you fit-- far from it! 19th hole bashes add to your bulge. And the 'battle of the bulge' continues.
·        Golf makes you get up early—yes but only on the days you are golfing. Most golfers laze around on remaining mornings.
·        You make friends on the golf course—not until you play a round with them! And if you lost the round because of a 2-footer putt, friendship evaporates in thin air! You then have sworn enemies!
·        Then why do I play golf?

For me the best part of golfing is the greenery, flora and fauna on a 
golf course. Unpolluted air, variety of trees, shrubs, flowers, changing seasons-- all of it makes golfing a treat!

The other day Prakash my golf buddy and I went for a morning 
round even though it was Holi होली  —a holiday. We took the chance but carried our cameras along.

Instead of playing a round of golf, we walked the course. What we 
saw and observed, we don’t usually do when we are playing a round.

Like we never knew that par-4 10th hole was named ‘Hussain Sagar’ because it has a huge pond just short of the green. You are lucky if your 2nd shot doesn’t go into the pond—symbolic of the lake named Hussain Sagar in Hyderabad city!

We also observed for the first time that 11th hole was named ‘Runway’ because this long par-5 has a long and wide runway-like fairway! It is a different matter that you still drive your tee-shot into the woods on either side of the fairway.

But that morning, it was a treat to ‘shoot’ the course.
Let the pictures do the talking!

 I love golf because of the greenery
 Fairway after fairway and
 Green after Green
 are so soothing to the eye!
You can admire the contrast-- lush green putting surface with a backdrop of trees which are absolutely dry!

Trees shedding leaves before spring add to the colour on a golf course.
Even the beans of an Acacia tree look so beautiful.
  And then there are flowers and flowers. Riot of colours simply!

 Nature recycles everything. Like the dried up beans of a tree are food for white ants. See the picture below.
Cultivated fairways, greens, trees and flowers attract number of birds to a golf course. Here is a pair of Cattle Egrets on 18th fairway-- keeping a safe distance from the golfers.
 An Egret in flight.

Driving through a tunnel like this is a challenge. But once you are across, a visual treat awaits you on the other side.

 Hues of yellow and pink...
  Even the rough beside a fairway, looks so beautiful!
 Now its the turn of the bougainvillaeas.
 Nature's own carpet!
Whether you play golf or not, now you know what a golf course offers you. If you are a Nature lover, a golf course is a paradise on earth.
Hope you liked Ghumakkad's outing on a golf course.
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