Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Life is like a Bicycle

"Life is like a bicycle. To keep the balance, you must keep moving!"
Who said that? None other than Albert Einstein!

Continuing with our PQs- Picturesque Quotes series- finding an appropriate picture was no problem. I retrieved a picture of school going children in Pilani. Shot one morning in 2013 when we were in Pilani for our Reunion to celebrate the 40th Year of graduation from BITS Pilani-- the picture shows high school children on the way to school. The teenagers are riding the bicycles maintaining perfect balance.

We need a similar balance in our lives such as:
  • Physical balance meaning good health
  • Emotional balance-- staying calm even in times of crisis
  • Economic balance-- earn a living and invest for future
  • Spiritual balance-- needed when we suffer bereavements/ trauma etc
  • Relationship balance-- with friends and family
  • Work-life balance-- between work and personal life and so on.
Maintaining such a balance is easier said than done. However, the key is to keep 'moving'! Keep trying and never giving up.

Happy riding the cycle of life!

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    -Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ 24th March 2015

Postscript: For some people like our son Ankush, 'Bicycle is life!' Thanks Prabjoth our daughter-in-law, for this apt rejoinder. See the picture below with the bicycle having a pride of place in the living room in Chennai: