Monday, 11 August 2014

So what if I can not see

So what if I Can’t See
(A poem by Elfo our dog)

Mumma and Daddy
And everybody

Who came in my life so far
In India or oceans afar

This is specially for each one of you
Who have loved me and given a hug too

I have entered my teens—a time for celebration
But for dogs like me—it is a time for realisation

That the end is near
Which we all fear

Although I can’t hear and see now
But can find my way somehow

So if I trip over your foot it is not intentional
If I bump into an obstacle, it is accidental

I know I disturb and nudge you on your Yoga mat
But it is to touch and feel you to get a friendly pat

When I come to lick your face, please don’t mind
In my darkened world, it is the only way to find and bind

May be I feel lonely and insecure
But your presence is my only cure

So what if I can’t see
But I know you are there for me.

Ever in love with each one of you

-          Elfo (A 13-year old cairn terrier)

Elfo and Harsh with matching beards
Picture credit: Durga Prasad
Postscript: On our return from Africa, Elfo's affection inspired me to write the above piece on his behalf. May God bless him and his tribe.

   Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/11th Aug 2014