Monday, 20 May 2013

Facing the Enemy

_________________________ Facing the Enemy ___________________________

A mother is a mother. Whether human or animal. Here are few pictures of a cat and her litter of three kittens. How she cares for them and how she protects them.
Captured in our garage doorway in Secunderabad, India.

Despite an unequal opponent and being on the other side of a metal gate, the cat did not run away! She crouched like a tiger and gave such menacing looks to the dog as if  warning it "How dare you?" See the picture above.

Of course, after a stand off the dog walked away. And the kittens emerged back from the garage. As if nothing had happened.

And the mother cat obliged the hungry kittens!

Thanks for viewing nature's many lessons. Like facing the enemy steadfastly.

Bye till the next.
  Ghumakkad Harsh

20th May 2013

_________________________ Facing the Enemy ____________________________