Monday, 22 April 2013

World Earth Day 2013

_________________________ World Earth Day 2013 __________________________

Today is 22nd April, World Earth Day. To generate awareness about our environment and the need to preserve it.

My take is that environment is an asset which we have borrowed from our children. We have no right to degrade it. We should hand it over back to them in a better shape than what we inherited. Are we doing so? The answer is an emphatic no! We have denuded forests, polluted the rivers/lakes, discharged poison into the soil, killed tigers/ other animals and caused global warming!

What can we do? Many many small things like:

  • Avoid use of plastics
  • Recycle paper and kitchen waste (gives you vermi compost at home)
  • Let rain water re-charge soil around your house/apartment.
  • Use solar energy for water heating and emergency lighting
These measures do not require big investment. Just do it!
Take a pledge.

Remember, every person counts. So, get going.

We can count on you!

  Ghumakkad Harsh/ 22nd April 2013

__________________ Let us preserve the environment _______________________