Saturday, 30 March 2013

Hitesh Lives On A Tribute

______________ Remembering Hitesh Bhatnagar 1951-2012 ______________

Hi Friends,

It has been a year since Hitesh left us all. But does not appear so, as if he is still around with his ever-green voice! That is what our six-minute video ‘Hitesh Lives on’ says. Watch it on youtube at:

As they say “Time and tide wait for none”. But for us Hitesh lives on if not in this world, certainly in our hearts!

Hitesh built organisations and teams. He embodied many virtues. To summarise:

H-- Humour
I -- Inspiration
T-- Team builder
E-- Excellence
S-- Selflessness
H-- Humility

If you wish, you may share the video link with other friends of Hitesh as our tribute to him.


   Ghumakkad Harsh   
    31st March 2013

_________________________ Hitesh Lives on ___________________________________