Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Nagarjunakonda An Island Museum

Boating in large water bodies is a thrill by itself. Nagarjunasagar reservoir on the border of AP and Telangana provides such a thrill. Both AP and Telangana tourism departments operate motor boats to visit Nagarjunakonda island. It houses a museum on Buddha's life with artefacts and sculptures dating back to 3rd century AD. Boat service is subject to calm weather. The museum is closed on Fridays and the last boat leaves at 4.30 pm from the island. So much for the facts.

Ghumakkad went to Nagarjunakonda in June 2017. You may browse the previous story 'Nagarjunasagar- A Getaway from Hyderabad'. It gives details of the travellers, route by car and accommodation. Route reproduced here.

This story takes you on the boat ride and the island.
Enjoy the picture story.

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Moving on, have you ever seen a church built like a temple?

If you haven't seen a River Tern in flight, browse the story 'Flying with a River Tern' which includes video clips.
Here is a short 40-seconds video of Nallamala forest as seen from the boat. Please disregard the engine noise in the video.

After 40 minutes or so, the island comes into view. We approach the jetty.
While approaching Nagarjunakonda jetty, the guide pointed out  hill feature named 'Simhagiri'. The hill top does resemble a lion stalking for a kill. Does it not?

Got a feel of the climb in the video below-- 20 seconds only.

Our guide Mr Satyanarayana explained the history of the place and formation of the museum. See a short 24 seconds video.

Though fairly warm afternoon, but bright sunlight gave us some sharp images including a short video comparison of how the two States are managing their affairs.

We end with a quotation "Find what brings you joy and go there"! 

Coming up next is Anupu, a small village 8 kms from AP boat station where a Buddhist monastery and an amphitheatre have been reconstructed. Watch out for the next story.
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      -Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ 4th July 2017