Thursday, 27 April 2017

Charm of a sunset

Sunset is a photographer's delight, a poet's inspiration and a tourist's must-watch list! Ghumakkad like many other lensmen, is obsessed with sunset. While at Hampi earlier this year, the combination of  a setting sun and resulting glow on surrounding rocks and boulders was too tempting. This story brings you some of those pictures. But the pictures have been superimposed with suitable quotations. This post in the series Picturesque Quotes (PQs) comes after a gap. Hope you like the quotes and the pictures. 

Those of you who access the net on large screen devices, click any image for the thumbnail gallery and zoom to view as a slideshow.

The picture below was taken at Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra India. RN Tagore's famous lines go with the picture.
 Have you tried walking into a sunset together?

Of course, sunrise has equal charm if not more. We invite you to

browse our earlier post on the beauty of the sunrise on the east 

coast of India, titled 'Why do people shoot the Sun'. 

And those who feel that moon too casts its own magic, may browse another story titled 'Moon's Magic at Sea'.

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   - Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ 27th April 2017

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Lotus Mahal Hampi

Hampi, a World Heritage site of UN, has many a saga in stone. Ghumakkad earlier took you to Hampi's icon the Royal Chariot. If you haven't read the picture story on Royal Chariot  and Vittala Temple, click here to browse. This story takes you to another icon of Hampi the Lotus Mahal.

As the name suggests, Lotus Mahal is shaped in the form of lotus buds and petals. It is also called Kamal Mahal कमल महल or Chitragani Mahal.
A two-storeyed structure in Indo-Islamic style, it survived the damage caused by Hampi's invasion and seize by the moghuls. It is located in Zanana Enclosure which was a guarded area reserved for the royal ladies of the Vijayanagara Empire.

We visited Hampi in 2nd half of February. Days were pretty warm. But it did not deter the tourists from thronging the sites such as Lotus Mahal. Who were the travellers? Click here to browse. 

Pictures of Lotus Mahal for you.

There are several monuments or their ruins in Zanana Enclosure. Queen's Palace is one of them.

There were four watch towers for guarding the enclosure.These were manned not by soldiers but eunuchs. The eunuchs were known for their fierce loyalty. Only three watch towers are now standing. See one of them in the picture below.
 The next major attraction in Zanana Enclosure is the Elephant's Stable. Meant for eleven of the royal elephants, it is a domed rectangular structure. 

 In the same compound is the Guard's Quarters. Another imposing building, it now houses part of a museum.

Those interested in further details of above monuments may browse the link here. There are many more monuments in Hampi. Hampi also has a nice hiking trail. Ghumakkad will bring you more stories. Stay connected.
In the meanwhile, enjoy the sunset from a popular sunset point.
Hampi is unique. No wonder it has got the UN World Heritage tag!

Postscript (courtesy Trixie Asirvatham): "Click any image for the thumbnail gallery and zoom to view as a slideshow."

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    -Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ 26th April 2017

Saturday, 22 April 2017

World Earth Day 2017

Every year on Earth Day, we pledge to make earth a better place to live. But do the promises go beyond the speeches, posts, blogs and other media hype? Sadly no!

Ghumakkad was in Chennai and attended the Annual Day of his grandson's school. The children of the school had put up a spirited show. Class V students performed in a multi-media presentation titled 'Save Elephant Save Earth'. It had a powerful message. 
Another dance-drama based on the life of great poet Subramanya Bharathi depicted his writings on Nature and environment besides other topics. Pictures:

Full marks to the teachers and students of Shishya OMR School, Chennai for delivering a powerful message. I am convinced if at all we can save the earth, the campaign has to be driven by the children. Such a campaign was successfully run in Delhi in 1997 to reduce pollution during Diwali. All thanks to the schools in Delhi and their children.

You may browse Ghumakkad's earlier message on Earth Day 2013 here.

Each of us can make a difference. Let us do our bit to leave a better environment for our children and grandchildren. Haven't we borrowed it (the Environment) from them? Think.

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     -Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ 22nd April 2017

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Grandpas need no Gym

Grandparents don't need to go to a Gym. Their grandchildren give them enough exercise. Ghumakkad experienced this fact recently when Naman, his two year old grandson came visiting from California USA. One week of non-stop action. Naman modified the yoga asanas योग  आसन  in his own way. See the pictures.

Here is a 30-second video of Naman somersaulting!

You may browse an earlier post of a grandpa-grandson hike here. You sure don't need any exercise when your grandchildren are around. Whatever be their age.

As someone had said "Grandchildren are the hands by which we take hold of heaven". Mere presence of grandchildren is heavenly. Last picture in this story says it all.

Am sure all grandparents would have related the story with their own grandchildren. And all others, pray that God grants you the precious gift of a grandchild soon!

Credit for the pictures go to both Neeta and Akanksha. Thanks to them, Ghumakkad got into the frame and not behind the lens!

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   - Harsh-the-Ghumakkad with Neeta Bhargava/ 14th April 2017