Sunday, 26 February 2017

Buddies in Sixties rock Goa

What do buddies-in-sixties do to on a vacation together? In a place like Goa? They get drunk, of course. But they also visit the beaches and forts. 'Dry' day enforcement because of Assembly Elections does not deter their spirit. And what do their spouses, also in sixties, do? Pictures.

Who were these buddies-in-sixties and their spouses? Click here to browse.

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Goa also has plenty of birds. Ghumakkad will take you to a wetland called Maina Curtorim in the next story
Bye till then.

    -Harsh-the-Ghumakkad with inputs from all the buddies.

Friday, 10 February 2017

What is new in Goa

North Goa is saturated. Streets and lanes teeming with tourists, very little space for walkers. Just like Chandni Chowk in Delhi, Charminar in Hyderabad or Hawa Mahal area in Jaipur. Be it Calangute or Baga beach, it is over crowded. What to do? Head south. Around the Cabo-de-Rama plateau, new resorts have come up. Ghumakkad gives you a glimpse of one such resort which opened two months ago. This is not a commercial post. Just admiring Nature and the view from the resort.

Let the pictures do the talking.

Just in case you missed browsing the story on Cabo-de-Rama fort, click here.

We close with another picture of the sea. We can't help it. The place charmed us all.
What do buddies-in-sixties do when they meet? Read the next post.

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   -Harsh-the-Ghumakkad with picture from Ramdas Dhavare