Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Goodbye 2017

Another year goes by.
Time to pause and reflect.
No sermons.
No taking stock of deeds done.
That's very bring.

Pause to admire Nature.
Don't have to go miles.
Just look around you. 
Like the bamboo leaves early morning.
Dew drops on the leaves.
About to fall.

That's what caught my eye during the morning walk. See the picture below. And RN Tagore's immortal words matched the picture.
Result: A picturesque quote (PQ) in our PQ series.
Take a look at the bamboo leaves and the dew drops shining like pearls!
So, pause and enjoy the Nature around you. Observe things beyond the cell phone screen! Life is also other than WhatsApp and Instagram!

Here is an earlier PQ on little sand between your toes..
Good bye 2017.
Let's welcome 2018 on a positive note.

    -  Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/27th December 2017

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Sunday, 24 December 2017

Bonding with Alumni

Alumni Meets are great fun. It is time to recall, reconnect and rejuvenate. Both for the alumni as well as for the faculties-- it makes you feel younger. Whether school or college alumni meet, the excitement is the same! Unending bear hugs, thumping the backs, jokes and laughter. Alumni when together, develop an uncanny ability to relish the same jokes year after year! 

Ghumakkad thoroughly enjoyed Vishwa Sangam-- the Alumni Meet of  Vishwa Vishwani Institute of Systems and Management (VVISM) ( ) Hyderabad held on 23rd December 2017. I have been teaching the PGDM program at VVISM for last five years. This alumni meet brought together the alumni of all the graduating batches from 2008 till 2017. It was a personal connect for me with most of the alumni who came.

Few pictures for those who could not attend. As for other readers not from VVISM, am sure you will recall your own alumni meets or college life!


 Some of the faculty who taught the first batch during 2006-08 at VVISM.

 Prof Sarita energised the audience. See the short video clip.

Some of the alumni who recalled their college days and shared their experiences with the audience one by one.

 Faculty members like Prof SR Prasad were mobbed!


Few alumni came with their spouses. One such couple in the picture below.
A group photograph of all the alumni who came with the faculty and staff. Graduating class of 2008, who laid the foundation, is symbolically seated in this picture.

Within minutes, the class of 2019 surprised everyone. Flash Mob for you.

 Get a feel of the flash mob in this short video clip.

Time for a bite organised by the classes of 2018 and 2019.

VVISM alumni are only nine years old. What happens when alumni go back to campus after 40 years? Read Ghumakkad's story BITS 1973 Returns to campus after 40 years! It was a three-day Reunion complete with a program for spouses as well.

Later when the Institute grows with large alumni base, VVISM can plan for a Global Meet of Alumni. Like the BITS Alumni Global Meet at Dubai 2017- browse the story here.

VVISM students really rock. Readers may browse the earlier stories on Learning from Students and running a new course like Startup Management. These students have proven that they are second to none. Keep going guys.

Thanks for browsing. Your comments are always welcome.

    -Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ 24th December 2017

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Friday, 22 December 2017

Belgaum the Smart City

Belgaum renamed Belgavi- was founded in late 12th century AD. It has seen many dynasties. Located in north Karnataka it came under British rule in 1818. It played a key role in the liberation of Goa in 1961. Apart from military units, Belgaum has a fort, a lake, number of temples, churches, mosques, schools and colleges. 
It is famous for a unique sweet dish or 'mithai' मिठाई called 'kunda' कुंदा . Made of milk, it is a delicacy. It is semi-solid when sold. Once cooled, it gets solidified as in the picture.

Ghumakkad visited Belgaum in December. Here is a short picture story.

Located on the border of Maharashtra and Karnataka, it is a gateway to Goa for those travelling by road from Hyderabad. Although the road journey takes lesser time, but we took the train from Hyderabad. It was a comfortable journey where I met Varun Khanna, a former student of IBS who had hiked with me to the Gunrock in Secunderabad in December 2015. Varun and his friends from Deloitte gave us good company till Hospet where they alighted for going to Hampi. 
Belgaum's location on the border of two states had led to some unrest in the past. The government of Karnataka has constructed a new State Assembly in Belgaum in 2012. See the picture.

For those not familiar with the geography of the southern region of India, see the maps below.

Belgaum fort is 500 years old and is a living fort meaning people are actually living inside the fort. Like Jaisalmer, Chittorgarh and Bidar forts in India.

Despite the litter seen in earlier picture, Belgaum has been selected as one of the first 20 smart cities in India. As part of Smart Cities Mission, it has received a face lift. See the solar powered pedestrian lighting in the pictures below.

We stayed at the Maratha Light Infantry (MLI) Officers' Mess. It was a home away from home with well kept garden, walkways and sit out. Pictures:

While in our guest room we observed an excellent example of empowerment. Let picture do the talking.

The all round view from the gazebo was simply superb. A short video clip for you.

Shivaji Maharaj is held in high esteem. The Maratha Officers' Mess has a nice statue of Shivaji which is illuminated at night.

The MLI Regimental Museum called 'Hall of Valour' is a must-see place. Very inspiring and humbling experience for the visitors. 
The dome of the Hall of Valour has a panoramic painting. A 30-second video clip for you.

The  picture below shows some of the Commandants of the MLI Centre. At bottom left is then Brig CD Sawant Sena Medal, a close friend and an illustrious Maratha General.

What did the prisoners of war do in 1940s to keep their morale and maintain focus? Some of them took to writing and some others to painting/sketching. Here are pictures of original sketches made by a British Colonel of his Subedar Major.

Golf courses keep the environment clean and green. Is Golf similar to Yoga? Browse Ghumakkad's earlier story to find out. Ghumakkad managed to squeeze in a round of golf at Belgaum. Few pictures of a misty morning of golf.

Due to shortage of time, we could not visit Dandeli-- a place where you can do white water rafting. May be some other time.

Our stay at Belgaum was made so homely and comfortable courtesy Maj Gen Krishna N Mirji. He had to be away on an overseas visit. But he made sure everything was arranged meticulously. May God give friends like him to everybody.
Krish: Thanks a ton!

Here is saying Goodbye to Belgaum.
Thanks for browsing.

    -   Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ 22nd Dec 2017