Thursday, 12 May 2016

Our Princess turns Three

Our Princess Turns Three

Anuva* our only grand daughter is three
Her vocabulary is on an expansion spree

Sample this: “Do fast. You are taking ages!”
It’s her way to hasten you as she rages

Likes to dress up proper and prim
As she makes sentences which are trim

            Complimenting you she quips, “You look nice and fit!”
            And asks, “Can I sleep your shoulder for a little bit?”

Ever fond of animals since she was two years old
When her vocabulary was both unique and bold

(Click here for the previous story and a short video on Anuva's 2nd birthday)

            She identifies herself with the cartoon character ‘Peppa Pig’
            And loves the entire family of Daddy, Mummy and George Pig

Without animals' company she doesn’t go to sleep
With them in a tent, she plays hide and peep

            Anuva is fond of listening to stories at bed time
            Appa- a cricket story and Mumma a ‘girly’ one

She is a tech-kid whose WhatsApp messages to her Appa will floor you
Sample this to Ankush “how much will you come? 2 mins? Missing you”

            She pretends to be elder brother Ansh’s mumma

            And loves to feed birds whether sparrows or munia

As our princess turns three in Chennai today
We wish her many happy returns of the day

            She shares her birthday with her Appa
            And doesn't leave Ankush or his lap

We await her arrival with lot of excitement
As her presence gives us life’s best enjoyment

* Daughter of Prabjoth and Ankush Bhargava

God bless and lots of love

-          Elfo, Badi Amma, Dadi, Dadu@Secunderabad
-          Naman, Nihkil, Bhui and Puphaji@USA
-          Bade Babaji, Chote Dadu-Dadi@Jaipur
-          Nanu, Mausis and families@Mumbai, Pune and USA

13th May 2016

Hope you enjoyed reading the short poem. Am sure, all grandparent-readers would identify with their own grand children!
And younger parents would recall their toddlers when they were three. Seeing them grow is life's real pleasure!

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