Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Suryalanka Goa of the East

Scorching summer, sweltering heat. Only two options. Head to a hill station or hit a beach. When you have only four days to plan, you don't have much choice. We chose the second option.
Two cars, six people, three years to sixty-four years. One heading southwest from Hyderabad and the other moving north from Chennai. 
Suryalanka also called Goa of the East. Nearest town Bapatla 10 kms north of Suryalanka-- has both rail and road connectivity. This is Ghumakkad's account of a short vacation in Suryalanka during Ugadi weekend 8th-10th April 2016.
The beach goers, youngest first:

Hyderabad-Nalgonda-Miryalguda-Narsaraopet-Bapatla-Suryalanka route of 350 kms takes 6 hrs with an additional 30 minute breakfast halt. 

Road side eateries serve you piping hot idlis. Rural India has more wisdom as far as living with nature is concerned. Pictures:

The second car arrived with our son Ankush and family. It was a great reunion at Air Force Station Suryalanka. We stayed at Surya Kutir, the guest rooms of the Officer's Mess.
With her only grand daughter, Neeta-the-Granny was thrilled to the core.
The whole Ghumakkad family with their proud-to-be-Indian cars!

Evening was reserved for the beach. Suryalanka beach is special because it is exclusive (being an Air Force station), clean, litter free, not crowded, hawker-free, no blaring loudspeakers, no ponies and no prying eyes! You enjoy the surf, the breaking of the waves and an occasional bird call. Pictures.


Sunrise and Sunset at sea is always spectacular. Suryalanka gave us its fair share of glory.

We had posted a story on Sand-babbler Crabs during our last visit to Suryalanka in Dec 2014. This time we observed a different sand pattern made by the crabs. Look out for another story on the crabs.

Trust you enjoyed being at the beach. Our 'fauzi' friends can stay at the Air Force Station while civilian friends can use the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation's Haritha Resort at the beach. And while at Suryalanka, don't miss the sea food including fresh prawns!

We close with a quote from Mahatma Gandhi who said 
"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not enough for every man’s greed." We human beings, should only leave foot prints behind and not a trail of destruction, deforestation and litter. A PQ- picturesque quote on foot prints for you.

Thanks for browsing.

    -Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ Baisakhi, 13th April 2016

Postscript: On a suggestion from a reader who is Resident Editor of a leading national daily, am appending two pictures of the public beach at Suryalanka. It should dispel any doubts about the public beach being too dirty or over crowded. Thanks KN.
 The tiny mud mounds in the picture are crab holes seen early mornings.
So pack your bags if you have not been to Suryalanka!