Friday, 6 February 2015

Coorg Go Golfers Go

Preface: This post is continuation of our Coorg travel in Nov 2014. Earlier post can be browsed at the link below:

 Coorg-- Go Golfers Go

Coorg is known for its coffee plantations. 
Green verdant forests-- miles and miles of it. 
No skyscrapers. Very little concrete. 
Decent roads. Hospitable folks.

It is also known for its tall, well built and valorous men. 
And equally tall and beautiful women.

With such natural wealth, how can golf be behind?

Yes, Coorg is home to some unique golf courses 
Where you-- climb a hill or two 
Traverse many a stream 
Say hello to several bird species 
Try and avoid leaches sucking your blood 
Attack par-5 holes/greens which are blind till the third shot!

All this and much more. 
Like women caddies.
Remember US PGA circuit--
Where few spouses caddie for their golfer mates?
In Coorg golf courses, it is the women folk
Who maintain the greens and fairways
And double up as caddies.
Very much in their working attire!

There are many beautiful golf courses in Coorg. 
The oldest is called MDGC--
Mercara Downs Golf Club. 
(Mercara is the old name of Madikeri- district HQ of Coorg now called Kodagu)

MDGC is almost a hundred years old. 
Most fairways are on the slopes of hillocks. Undulating and challenging.
You do not need any other exercise. See the golfer trudging up the hill!

The greens are tiny yet challenging.

A helipad also functions close to the greens.

The clubhouse has a dreamy location.
No other habitations close by.

 MDGC clubhouse is under renovation for its Centenary celebrations. Guest rooms are also coming up. 
We noticed two children working near the site of renovation.
It appeared a case of child labour— but apparently not.

Actually the two children were enjoying themselves- though their 

facial expressions do not say so! As long as there is some sand 

around, children are children whether in Coorg or California!

A restaurant on the first floor meets the needs of the golfers.
We had some sandwiches there as our planned lunch at Taj Vivanta did not materialise. (Access to Taj Vivanta is through the MDGC golf course.)
Ladies were really fatigued.
And to add to it, we got the shocking news of a friend’s paralytic stroke in Delhi.
Happiness was gone.

Our second golf stop was at Coorg Golf Links (CGL).

Relatively newer golf course, it is located near Virajpet.
Much more scenic. More info on CGL at 

This is how it looks at dawn. You will fall in love with the place!

It is so secluded that nobody tees off before 8 am.
Because most golfers live an hour’s drive away.

Thanks to Commodore CM Belliappa (Retd), I could get a feel of CGL course.

Here is the foursome: L-R: Mr Venu (Retired banker), Col Vijay (Ord, Retired), Cmde Belliappa (Retd) and Harsh. 

We were actually five. Maj Gen Cariappa (Retd) is not in the picture. 

The picture was taken by Neeta from our Guest Room’s balcony overlooking the 1st tee.

Some more pictures of the tee-offs and the fairway.

The clubhouse at CGL has a well maintained garden. Plenty of flowers, creepers and plants.
Some pictures.

And this is how the guest rooms look during the day and night.

It drizzled while we were at CGL. Here are some rain drops—intentionally under exposed!

We had to bid good bye to CGL after two days of an exclusive 
holiday. Neeta and me at the main entrance. 
Picture courtesy Neeta Bhatnagar.

The third golf club in Coorg—The Tata Coffee Golf Club at 

Pollibetta, is also affiliated to our club in Secunderabad. However, 

there was no room on the days of our visit. Next time may be.

There may be few more golf courses/executive courses (part of 

some resorts) in Coorg. For a golfer there is plenty of variety to 

choose from.

So, fellow golfers and other readers of GhumakkadHB—now you

know which should be your next destination for a golf holiday!

Coorg- go golfers go!

Goodbye till then

-          Harsh the Ghumakkad/ 6th Feb 2015