Monday, 1 December 2014

Dubare where Cauvery creates Magic

Dubare where Cauvery creates magic

Rivers are lifeline of mankind.
Rivers give us water for drinking and agriculture.
It gives us fish for eating.
It is a means of transportation.
It gives us electricity.
It also acts as a natural drainage for rain water.
But we humans have polluted the rivers.

There are few spots where the rivers are still clean. One such stretch lies on river Cauvery at a place called Dubare in Coorg region of Karnataka, in southwest India.

 Dubare (see the map above) is where Cauvery’s water is shallow but rapidly flowing. It is an ideal spot for water sports-- Kayaking, white water rafting or just a leisurely boat ride. The left bank of the river turns into a chaotic parking lot and make-shift jetties for boarding the boats/rafts during daylight hours. See the pictures.

The Forest Department has a rest house on the right bank. Jungle Lodge also runs a resort along with an elephant training camp at Dubare.
You can bathe the elephants at a price. But if you want to do it, please ensure you are at the elephant camp before 9 AM. The elephant interaction closes at 1 pm. We just missed it.

The river front at Dubare gives you a feeling of peace and tranquility.

At the same time, its gurgling waters can charge up even the tired grannies! See the pictures below. 

Of course, as the river flows so do the human emotions. Grannies again-- this time at the river front in Dubare!

With so many tourists, Cauvery river bank at Dubare has enough eating joints, a hotel as well as spice outlets. Spices are grown in Coorg. Its aroma attracts not only the foodies but also ladies to splurge in shopping. A picture of 'Spice World'.

And then it was ladies turn to ‘shoot’! Results.

Dubare—See you again sometime. 
Watch out for more stories of our Coorg sojourn.

Bye till then.
     - Harsh the Ghumakkad/ 1st Dec 2014