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Pilani 40th Reunion Part 3

______________ 1973 Batch Reunion Part-3 ________________ 

Hi Buddy,
We don't wish to bore you further with any story. Hope you have browsed Parts 1 and 2. If not here are the links:

Part-1: BITS Returns to Campus
Part-2: The 40th Year Reunion at Pilani

Gana Bajana
Here comes the 'Gana Bajana' on 8th Nov. You can see some of the 'impromptu' performers in VFAST dining hall as it became pretty cold in the lawns outside. Let the pictures speak.

Ashok Suri with KT Ramesh on the guitar:
 Dayal Dass: Don't miss the stainless steel tumbler in his hand!
 Abha Mittal:
 Asha Somani:

Audience-- waiting for some more!

Interaction with Students
This session had intense interaction with selected students who headed various curricular and co-curricular clubs in the campus. See it in action:
Anoop Singh
Shankar Narayanan and Kapil Tikku 

Vijay Chopra and Madhukar Bangia

Clockwise L-R: KT Ramesh, RK Dhadha, Shyam Somani and Vinod Dhanuka

Connecting Across All Campuses
A special session had been organised by BITS on 9th Nov to connect with the Directors of other BITS campuses at Goa, Dubai and Hyderabad. The Director of Dubai campus was already with us being a batch mate! The technology for cross-campus lectures has been made possible with alumni funding and support in a project named BITS Connect 2.0 spearheaded by our batchmate Prem Jain.
Even though a Saturday, willing participation by senior leadership of BITS to connect with alumni was praiseworthy. Pictures:

Prof Arya Kumar welcoming all of us, the alumni, with all three campus Directors on-line!
 The audience which sat in a lecture hall as students 45 years ago! 
Dr BN Jain, the Vice Chancellor 

Dr G Raghurama, Director BITS Pilani campus

BITS senior leadership interacting with 1973 batch...

 Alumni in rapt attention...

It was time to present a customised souvenir to the dignitaries. Designer caps with name of each individual was embroidered. Similar caps were presented to the VC, Diro and Dean Alumni Affairs at the Dinner. Sample cap below.

Reunion Dinner
We hosted a dinner at VFAST for VC, Diro, all Deans, Unit Heads and Student Union President, G-Sec and Volunteers. Glimpses:

And the dinner is served...

That brings the curtain down on the Reunion.
There are some more pictures of Pilani- what has changed and what has not! But you will have to wait for it a bit!

Till then, take care
   - Gumakkad Harsh/ 16th Feb 2014

Postscript: Two years later in Sept 2015, we celebrated the 42nd Year Reunion at Kodaikanal. Click here for the picture story which had 1000 page views in a single day!

_______________ End of Pilani Reunion Part-3 _______________

Saturday, 15 February 2014

BITS 1973 Reunion Part 2

____________ 40th Year Reunion Part-2 _____________ 

Hi Buddy!
Now that you have had a fleeting glance at yourself and other buddies in Part-1 of this Reunion picture story, it is time for some more bear hugs. Catch it

Those who haven't read Part-1 of the story, here is the link with pictures of alumni and spouses who came.

The Magic of BITS
This is what our Reunion Commemorative film is called. It was released on the Net by Dr BN Jain, Vice Chancellor, BITS Pilani on 8th Nov 2013. And the event was webcast live on Google Hangout.
It shows Pilani campus icons like the Clock Tower, Temple, Cosmic Man, Shiv Ganga...followed by buddy alumni with their tag lines on 'Kal aaj aur Kal'.

For those of you who were not present that day, you can see the movie on youtube at:

Reunion Inauguration
When you saw Part-1, you must have wondered what were the buddies doing in formals in their college after 40 years? Well, soon they were to be seated in a lecture hall for the inauguration of the Reunion. 
Chief Guest: Dr BN Jain, Vice Chancellor, BITS Pilani University. Relish the pictures:

This is how the invite for the inaugural looked-- for all Dy Directors, Deans and Head of Student bodies.

Please note that LTC-5104 and the entire complex never existed in our times. It is a new complex east of the Chemical Engg block.

Chief Guest being welcomed by Prem Jain and Ravi Mittal.

Dr Jain meeting the 1973 Batch alumni.
 Welcome remarks and Reunion background by Harsh- alumni and spouses in rapt attention-- except the cell phone addiction!
Dr Jain asked the alumni to give their time, talent and energy besides other contributions to their alma mater. 

Time for Prem to thank everyone. And then a walk back to VFAST for Gana-bajana and dinner!

You can see Anoop Singh and Vijay Mohan Chopra in the picture on top right. They arrived after the Intro session as summarised in Part-1.

Don't you agree that forty years after graduation, all our buddies look even more dashing :-)

The story continues in next episode- with more pictures. Cheers till then!

   - Harsh the Gumakkad/ 15th Feb 2014

Postscript: Two years later in Sept 2015, we celebrated the 42nd Year Reunion at Kodaikanal. Click here for the picture story which had 1000 page views in a single day!

______________ End of Pilani Reunion Part-2 ________________

Friday, 14 February 2014

BITS 73 Returns to Campus Part 1

_________ When The Class of 1973 Returned after 40 Years! __________

Yes, the class of 1968-73 decided to invade the Pilani campus  for 40th year Reunion!
Preparations began almost a year ago with launch of a FB group. Credit: Dhiraj Shah.

Rallying long lost buddies across the oceans. Putting a three-day program together. Inviting present BITS leadership to be part of it. Logistics. Souvenir cap, Event logo, Commemorative Film...and so on!

The Team which made it happen:
Ashok Suri
Prem Jain
Ravi Mittal
Vinay Prasad
Harsh Bhargava

Special mention: Prof Arya Kumar, Dean Alumni Affairs, BITS Pilani.

Event logo:

The Program:

Celebrating Fifty Years of BITS
40th Year Reunion of BITS Pilani 1968-73 Batch
8th-10th November 2013
8th Nov 2013
·         Arrival and Registration by 3pm.
·         Assemble at BITS Guest House (VFAST)
·         Bear hugs
·         Initial photo-op
Student volunteers to assist

4 pm – 5 pm
·         Introductions including spouses/children/grand children
·         Tea and samosa
VFAST Lawns. PA System required.
7 pm – 8 pm
·         Release of commemorative Film by VC
·         Address by VC/Director
·         Highlights of alumni and their contribution to society and corporate world
·         In Memoriam- Homage to buddies no more
·         Students and staff are welcome to attend (Poster sent separately)
LTC-5104 with LCD projector etc.
Live webcast on Google Hangout for those alumni/ families unable to come to Pilani.
Prof Rahul Banerjee to give URL
8 pm – 9.30 pm
Networking Dinner (Alumni and families)
Rajasthani menu- Daal Bati Churma with Cassatta
10-11.30 pm
Star gazing courtesy BITS Astronomy Club

Optional. Accompanied by student volunteers
9th Nov 2013
6 am-7 am
Nature Walk and Bird Watching
8am -9 am
Breakfast and Group photograph
Light coloured shirt and tie with jacket
9.30 am -12.00 pm
Fifty Years of BITS (1964-2014)
·         Visit Institute Labs/Library/Museum/ New facilities
·         BITS Connect 2.0(Directors of all four campuses to connect on-line)
·         Multi-campus learning demonstration
·         Photo-op

Alumni and those spouses who wish to join.

12 pm - 1pm
Interaction with VC and Director
Live webcast for those alumni/ families unable to come to Pilani

10 am – 12.30 pm
Spouses’ visit to Pilani city
·         Handicrafts market
·         Tie and dye
·         Bangle making
·         Visit Birla Haveli
1 pm-2 pm
RP-A Student Mess
2 pm-3.30 pm
Interaction with student leadership
·         Feasibility of augmenting the Students Club activities through alumni support
Alumni to steer parallel tracks as required
3.30 pm-5.30 pm
·         Visit the village adopted by BITS students through Nirmaan
·         Visit PRC- Pilani Resource Centre
·         Spouses are welcome
Alumni and spouses. Accompanied by student volunteers
9th Nov 2013 (Contd)
3.30-5.30 pm
·         Visit CEERI
Parallel track
6 pm-8 pm
Campus walk around:
Saraswati Temple, Shiv Ganga, CP, Boys and girls hostels etc
Accompanied by student volunteers
8 pm-9.30 pm
Reunion Dinner
·         VC, Director, Dy Directors, Deans as guests of honour
·         Students Union President/ Secretary to be invited
·         Volunteers helping with the event also to be invited
·         Presentation of Bouquets

VFAST lawns.
PA system required.
Photo cover.
10 pm-11 pm
Night life on campus: Night canteen etc

Optional. Spouses welcome to join. Accompanied by student volunteers
10th Nov 2013
6 am-7 am
Nature Walk and Bird Watching
8 am-9 am

9.15 am - 10 am
Giving back to BITS- Interaction with Director
·         Scholarships
·         Awards in memory of deceased alumni
·         Student Clubs- augmentation of facilities
·         Adventure sports/expeditions
·         E- Mentoring by alumni
Alumni, BITS management and students
10 am-12.00pm
Spouse’s Interaction/Outing/Shopping
Volunteers to accompany
12.00-1.30 pm
Parting Lunch/Packed Lunch

1.30 pm onwards

Based on the program, an on-line poster was designed for campus intranet. It caught the eye balls. Here is the copy:

It built the hysteria.
Buddies arrived from both axes i.e. via Delhi and Jaipur. Cars and a Volvo bus. Bear hugs were followed by a formal intro session with spouses.

Introductions in VFAST Lawn

Sudha and KT Ramesh

And then it was time for 'Chaat'....

The Reunion has just begun. Next Part will take you to the Inaugural session, an interactive hour with the students and more pictures.
So, hang on.

Till then take care.

   - Harsh (Ghumakkad)/ Valentine Day 2014

Postscript: Two years later in Sept 2015, we celebrated the 42nd Year Reunion at Kodaikanal. Click here for the picture story which had 1000 page views in a single day!

_____________ End of Part-1 Pilani 40th Reunion _______________