Friday, 25 May 2012

Exploring Bhutan- Part-1 The Team

Neeta and I along with another couple Manik and CP Srivastava, travelled to Bhutan in May, 2012.
A picture story is here in eight parts to keep the size manageable. Each photograph or a group of pictures, tells what we saw and experienced.

Bhutan- the land of the Thunder Dragon!
Bhutan- the land of Happy People.
Bhutan- where you are at peace with yourself.

It is an amazing place in the Himalayas.
Enjoy the pictures and the narrative. View each story from 1st picture to the last in sequence.

Part-1 introduces the Team and the journey from Secunderabad, AP, India to Phuensholing, Bhutan

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Links to all the eight stories on Bhutan are given below:

The Team and Journey from Secunderabad to Bhutan
Pristine Paro
Heights of Haa
Tiger's Nest- The Icon of Bhutan
Thimphu- The Thriving Capital
Punakha- The Vast Valley
Bhutan- The Land of Happy People
Treasure of Bhutan- The Flora and Fauna

Happy browsing!

  - Ghumakkad Harsh

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