Thursday, 9 March 2017

BITS Goa Campus

Ghumakkad's alma mater BITS Pilani has four campuses, three in India and one in Dubai. Stories on Pilani, Hyderabad and Dubai campuses had appeared earlier. This short picture story takes you around the Goa campus.

It was a Sunday morning, 5th Feb 2017 to be precise. The institute was having its annual Technical Festival (TechFest) called 'Quark' at that time. On the way back to the airport, we halted at the campus for an hour or so. These few pictures give you a glimpse of the campus.
 The aerial shot below is courtesy Drone Nation, a students' initiative at Goa campus. Quite a sharp and stunning picture!

The main entrance was all decked up for a performance in the evening.

 It was very nice of Dr Raghu Rama Director Goa campus to take time off on a Sunday and meet us in his office. Thank you Dr Raghu Rama.
 It was a pleasure to interact with students and to answer their queries like 'What after BITS?'
 The main building has a well designed atrium.

 Goa campus has taken initiatives in inter-disciplinary research. One of such labs we visited was 'Cognitive Neuroscience Lab'. 
 Thank you Dr Baths for facilitating our visit.

 Special thanks are due to Nitin Chopra who will graduate in 2019. He coordinated our visit so well. Thanks Nitin.
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For many BITSian readers, this post is a precursor to BITS Alumni Global Meet to be held in Goa in 2020. See you in Goa then.

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   - Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/9th March 2017