Thursday, 12 March 2015

Learn Yoga and find the right life partner

Learn Yoga and find the right Life Partner

The benefits of Yoga in today’s stressful world are well known.

Learn and practice Yoga for:

  • Inner Peace
  • Managing Stress
  • Reducing Anxiety
  • Controlling lifestyle ailments like hypertension, diabetes 
  • Keep fit etc.
But this story brings out another dimension of Yoga. Centered 
around two disciples of Bihar School of Yoga at Munger in Bihar, 
we bring to you the tale with a twist. An interesting and pleasant twist.

Ravi Kiran and Gillian Woodman, both from Hyderabad enrolled 
for the three year program at Bihar School of Yoga 
( ). Though they knew each other, but it is Yoga which brought them closer as disciples. And cemented their bond for rest of their lives!

Both are Yoga instructors now. Together they conduct workshops 
for domestic as well as overseas clients. Soon, they will be 
spreading their wings abroad. They love yoga and each other.

On 12th March, they tied the knot in Secunderabad. Pictures of the wedding.

The wedding card.

The Venue. Peter woodman's residence in Swarnandhra.
Peter has been an old friend. Interests that we share are golf, bird watching, nature walks, writing and good humour.

Gillian the bride, all decked up, with Dad and uncles and a cousin form Mumbai.
Gauri Puja. Gillian-- all concentration.

Pretty bride

Ravi the groom arrives in traditional attire and equally traditional footwear-- wooden sandals-- खड़ाऊं !
Traditional welcome by bride's father by washing groom's feet.

The yogi look...

The lotus bloomed exactly on Muhurtam time  मुहूर्त -- as if to convey God's blessings! Both pictures taken few minutes apart.

The groom getting ready by wearing the sacred thread जनेऊ 
 Peter chanting the mantras मंत्र confidently, while Ravi listens.

Playing Nadeswaram-- traditional instrument.

Bride being dressed up for the wedding by her in-laws. 
Ceremonial arrival of the bride in a lotus basket. Being carried by her cousins.

Gillian hugs Peter after Kanya Daan, कन्या दान 
 And the ceremonies continue...
 Ravi and Gillian become man and wife.
 Peter, the gleaming father
 Ravi with his Yoga mates from Bihar School of Yoga. From L to R: Ravi, Akshay, Yoga Priya, Agya and Om.
The atmosphere was truly festive with ladies applying mehndi and donning men's saafa साफ़ा ! 

After a short break, the bride returns in gleaming white attire. Seeking husband's blessings- don't miss the smile on Gillian's face.

The happy couple. 

So, the moral of the story—weddings are made in heaven, surely—but also in Yoga Schools!

Cheers to the lovely couple. As we said earlier, both Gillian and Ravi love Yoga and they love each other too.
Both have adopted new names for their profession. Ravi calls himself  Atmagyanam whereas Gillian is Gangamurti as per their business cards. Their website .

Wishing them a happy married life

-          Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ 12th March 2015